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Wondering what to do with your little ones this Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 Valentine’s Day coloring pages for you to sit down and color with your little ones.


Whether you’re spending the day at home or out and about, these pages will help get you in the spirit of love. So grab your crayons or pens and get started!

You’ll get 5 printable coloring pages:

Donut with the saying ” Donut Forget You Are Awesome!

Hearts with the saying ” You are Loved”

Two versions of “Hugs and Kisses”

Cupcake with the saying “You are Sweet!”

Why coloring pages?

One of the benefits of coloring is that it can help to promote relaxation. When you focus on filling in the lines of a coloring page, it can help to clear your mind and allow you to forget your troubles for a little while. Coloring can also be a calming activity for kids who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Additionally, coloring can be a great way to spend time with family or friends. valentine’s day coloring pages are a fun way to celebrate the holiday and show your loved ones how much you care.


White cardstock
coloring pencils, crayons, or marker


Download and print out the Valentine’s Day coloring pages.
Color them in using crayons, markers, watercolor paints, or coloring pencils.

free velantine's day printable motivation quotes


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