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Shutterfly free photo in jar as party decoration.

{*This post contains affiliate link}

Shutterfly is always doing some kind of free promo or discounts for their products. You can get 101 free photos, free photo book, free calendar, free magnet, etc. You normally will get something for free just for joining Shutterfly. Currently they are offering 50 free prints, a free magnet and free set of address labels.

I have used them for 7 years now all for FREE.  I have used them for my wedding, Mother’s day, Chase’s 1st birthday, Father’s Day, and other various occasions. Only paid for shipping cost. You can too!

Here are some ways you can use these free photos and books to decorate every party theme you have in mind. Shutterfly’s promotions happen sporadically throughout the year so sign up for updates.

  • Photo Banner. All you need is a ribbon or twine, clothespins and the photo prints. You can add lace, fabric, or tassel to make the photos pop out!

Use Shutterfly Free Photos to make banner for parties or home.

  • Photo Centerpieces. Put a photo inside a mason jar or in my case, a spaghetti jar (Yes, I collect all kind of jars). I soak the jar in hot water, then scrub to remove the labels. Add little accessories (flowers, baby pins, pacifier, etc). You can also add a number to use as table number.Shutterfly free photo for party decorations
  • Table Numbers. Frame your prints. Use craft paper or fabric to make numbers.
  • Guest book. Use these as guest book for your wedding with your engagement pictures or birthday party with baby pictures. I’ve made alphabet and family books for my son’s 1st birthday. He still loves them two years later.

Shutterfly free photos as guest signing book for wedding

  • Recipe Swap Book. Have guests send you pictures of their delicious dishes with recipes. At the party have guests sign the book.
  • Photo State map. Cut the photos into states or countries that you’ve traveled to as a couple for a cool travel-themed wedding or couple shower. I would do a little tutorial, but Kelsie Ann at Cut, Craft, Create does a much better job. Use photos to create States you've traveled to for engagement or wedding party.

Shutterfly sometimes also offer free photo mug,calendar, and magnets. These all make wonderful gifts.

Even without these free promotion, you can always find discounts! Be sure to search around the Internet for discount code. Shutterfly will also list their promotions on their website under special offers.  I literally just took a quick look and there’s one for Unlimited free 4×6 and 4×4 prints if you download their app. How cool is that?!!!

How would you decorate your party with free Shutterfly photos and books? I would love to see them!

{*This post contains affiliate link. This means if you purchase something through my Shutterfly link, I will get a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are 100% my own. See my disclosure policy for further information}. blog signature

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