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Come up with something quick and easy to give away as party favors or treats during this spooky season. A DIY personalized Halloween coloring bookmark is a great idea. I’ve created a video tutorial on how to make your own personalized coloring bookmarks in no time.

If you have kids and want to keep them entertained this Halloween, why not make them their own personalized coloring bookmarks? You don’t have to be an expert illustrator or graphic designer to do so – just sign on to Canva and watch my coloring bookmarks video tutorial.

Design Personalized Halloween Coloring Bookmarks in Canva

You can follow the steps below or watch my Youtube tutorial.

Click here to watch the video Tutorial if you don’t see it above.

Step 1: Create a bookmark template in Canva using the table feature

If you’re creating several bookmarks, it’s best to create a template in advance, so you can be sure each bookmark is consistent. If you’ve never used Canva before, it’s a simple online design tool used by graphic designers and bloggers to create social media images and advertisements. You can use their free trial to create your personalized bookmark template by following these steps: – Click on the “Create a new design” button.

– Put 11×8.5 inches in the custom size

– Select the TABLE feature using the keyboard magic menu (/).

– Select 4 columns since we’re going to make 4 bookmarks. Each bookmark will be 2.5×7 inches so each table cell should be the same size.

Step 2: Add your text

Add the child’s name or saying you would like on the bookmark. Use an outline font if you want the name or saying to be colored in. Adjust the font size to be big enough to color in.

Step 3: Choose line art or colorful graphics with a bold outline

A coloring bookmark is meant to be a fun activity, so you should use images that are cheerful and enjoyable. We suggest using either line art or colorful graphics with a bold outline so they’re easy to color. Avoid anything too detailed or overly intricate. This will make it difficult for your readers to color, and they may end up frustrated instead of enjoying the activity.

Step 4: Download as a flattened PDF and print it out.

Once you’re done with the design, download your personalized Halloween coloring bookmarks as a flattened PDF file, and then print it off using your home printer. You can either print it on plain paper or use coloring book paper if you have it. Now you can give this bookmark to anyone as a gift or party favor. You can include the coloring bookmark in a party favor bag with a Halloween-themed book, or place it in a bag of candy to give out on Halloween.

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